Wednesday, 16 December 2015

WOW for Dec 16th

Hi Everyone,

Starting this weeks blog very early as am taking it easy this Friday.  Had a bottom tooth out yesterday and my jaw is still quite sore. Last night Steve took this photo of the recovery process

My shoes aren't meant to be on the couch and neither is Gracie and her toy but she Really Really wanted to help me feel better, swollen cheek and all.
Forget the sheet of gib board behind the couch -  I have - it covers the opening of the old fireplace.   One day that wall and our lounge will be finished.
The cushion I made from a Ginny Beyer pattern is getting well used as you can see.

This cushion cover was a learning exercise in reducing Ginny's pattern to 1 inch finished size segments. Strip piecing meant it came together without being too fiddly.

 After the painkillers kicked in this morning went back to my 9 piece 3D blocks.
A Ginny Beyer pattern from her book  Colour Confidence for Quilters.

Another block made and feel I am getting a good balance of Purples, Blues and Teals.
Now for the center square. I tried Purple / Blues and it didn't work so went back to the photo and  brown /green shades were what I needed.

So two blocks left to make before I look at the corner triangles. Yes, there is a final step, the corner triangles using template 3 the center block square's plus a triangle template to create new blocks emerging in the corners. Forgetting that for now - but I am thinking about them all the time -
I decided that the right hand block needed to be brown / green and possibly a splash of yellow.
Put my samples up for this block and found the fabrics for my left block instead, as you do!!!

However, it brought a change of position for my bottom block as this corner feels all too blue now!!!
Have swopped top and bottom blocks and like this look much better.
With my blue /mauve block stitched my browns and yellow seemed too dark for a front face block. I played for ages and cut lots of squares to try and get something I was happy with.

Finally a combo that seems to work, nothing like what I started with. At the end of the day it was a piece of my LE background fabric that gave me the lightest square in this 9 piece block which brought it together and my blue block has come back to the bottom.

I am now not sure which look I prefer and every time I blink the optical illusion changes, which doesn't help at all. Can you can see the change in 3D on the left side as well?
Steve tells me it is just too many wines, LOL

So now to watch Ginny's tips on Y seams video on her website and try to figure out in which order to stitch these blocks together.
Enjoy your Wednesday everyone, Cheers Jenny


  1. Great post Jenny - You have reminded me to pull my Jinney Beyer projects out for an airing. I am doing 'Facets'(The Cushion) quilt in Brown - (they had run out of my favourite Teal colourway) and still to put the border on Crystal Star.
    Maybe for me 2016 should be UFO finishing year.... maybe ;) Cheers Wendy.

  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks for your comment. Am sure you will enjoy making "Facets" I know I did. I am learning so many piecing techniques through Ginny that I missed discovering at the beginning of my quilting adventure - I found Applique and became hooked. Piecing was only necessary to join the applique blocks. Discovering how 3D piecing can influence a background I wonder what next?
    For me 2016 is to first finish my beloved LE and then continue exploring the magical world that is quilting. Cheers Jenny

  3. Hi Jenny WOW this is a colour challenge for sure, thanks for the step by step stages you went through, quiet mind boggling. I'm thinking it is one of those quilts you have to step back from all the time and let sit and then go back and look at. But it sure is going to be stunning. Hope you jaw is feeling a little better today. Hugs Glenda

  4. You are so right Glenda, I am sure Confucisch would have said "too many photos only addles the brain" I have taken so many photo's trying to overthink my placement that I no longer know which way is up with this layout, LOL
    Jaw is much better, best thing I have had done in years.
    Hugs Jenny