Friday, 16 October 2015

WOW The Rose continues

Hi Everyone,

Grace is settling in, loves us both and is jumping out less but we were ten years younger last time we had a two year old in the family. LOL
I have now been able to get back to sewing after the last couple of weeks.
My top is now stitched to my fusible batting and the 3D of the rose becomes clearer.

The only stitching I have done is this.

An edge stitch around the Rose and a central stitch arond the center whcich has resulted in increased puffiness.
The leaves are edge and stem stitched and their defintion has increased also.

The peeper border shows well in this photo as my first border is now in place as
 my extra fabric arrived and I have been able to add the next two borders

The cream border is a fairy frost so has the shimmer that I love.
The second a red similar to the peeper border but I could not find the same fabric.
 It doesn't compete with the Rose which was essential.

The final choice was for my binding to edge my picture frame for that is what this wall hanging  has become, a framed picture or photo. There is all the quilting to do before it is added but I have it and it will add the extra dimension needed. I have tried to photograph it but it will not play ball with me, it is a dark burgundy but it wants to look either black or purple.

So this is where I am at this week. Sewing has to give way to gardening for the afternoon as we are replacing our side and back boundary fences to give Grace more space and hopefully keep her in.
Enjoy your week everyone.
Cheers Jenny


  1. G'day Jenny,
    I think your Rose is BEAUTIFUL! Lovely choice of fabric and the new framed border looks so much nicer than the original 'thorns' (maybe they were too big???).
    Good luck with the gardening! - Cheers Wendy.

  2. Yes I love that fairy frost shimmer too. The rose head looks exquisite and you picked the perfect fabric for the leaves too, what a great wall hanging. I think this block is just gorgeous, I love it!