Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Rose WOW 23rd sept

Hi Everyone,
Am writing this throughout the week so that I can take photo's of each stage as my way of doing this applique is almost quilt as you go, at least for the main applique.
Today is Friday and pouring with rain so a perfect day for sewing, yesterday though was a beautiful spring day so it was time to get out in the garden and do some much needed work but I had time first thing to vein stitch my leaves.

Vein stitching done I can now fuse my top to the vilene batting which I have cut slightly larger than the finished hanging.

Although fused I don't want it to move while I stitch the applique so decided to add the peeper border now. For those who haven't heard this term before this is a one inch strip pressed in half and stitched with raw edges to background raw edge with a 1/8th seam. the folded edge will remain free from the background when the next border is attached with a 1/4 inch seam - so it just peeps out at you Lol.

I was going to use a brighter red but switched at the last minute to the deep burgundy red of my darker turn backs, The right choice I think as the bright red may have fought for attention while this fabric lets the rose stay the focus.
The only problem I had is this red fabric just wants to fray and after stitching I had to spend ages trimming away all the loose threads from the raw edges. With only an 1/8th inch seam I can't risk more fraying while I stitch my applique so have decided to zigzag the raw edge to seal these threads.
I could stitch the next border on now but that is another problem!!!
My DH doesn't like the thorn border on the pattern. No - it is not "doesn't" but the much stronger I DO NOT LIKE the thorn border. Have to admit I have prepared the thorns and when I laid them on my light border fabric they were a little over powering.

This is the six inch border and I am now thinking of them as shark fins not thorns so maybe DH is right. His suggestion is, the rose is stunning so make it like a painting or a photo with a surround and a frame. Takes my thoughts back to Esther's stunning "Forget me Not" Floral BOM blocks.
Anyway, I go back to work tomorrow for six days hut can stitch my applique at every opportunity. This is where it becomes almost quilt as you go, my batting is in place so as I edge stitch my leaves will lift (fingers crossed ) as will my rose with two layers behind it. I only need to edge stitch my rose and then decide which petals should be most prominent and stitch an extra line at the base of those to increase the lift.
It's Wednesday and I am now half way through stitching my leaves, it's been slow work because of the mumerous points on them.
Time to link with Esther's WOW. Enjoy your week everyone,
Cheers Jenny


  1. Your rose looks like a picture. Your post makes me so curious to see how you continue with this project. I sure will come back to enjoy the finished project!

  2. Love love love it Jenny. Hugs Glenda