Wednesday, 24 June 2015

WOW 23rd June

Hi Everyone,

Even with working I can't leave my cushion cover alone. In th evenings nothing gets done as once my DH  gets home we want to talk about our work day and by the time we have made and eaten dinner - it is time to relax together, if I handstitched it might be different - I could do that and talk as well, Lol.
I have some time before work as often DH leaves before me so I am up and running so to speak.
All the rest of my center diamonds came together easily.

Finally a photo where the pattern in the star fabric shows up though some of the other fabrics are a little washed out. Now for those Y seams to insert the last diamonds.
Why do you always get one that won't play ball, it was number 4 and after 3 unpicks I am living with my final stitching as I think quilting will hide the small hiccup. 
In the photo I can't pick which one is my problem seam- but I know it is there.

The original pattern squares off the top and bottom corners with more stripsets to make a rectangle.
I need a square so decided to stop with the central diamonds.
I had enough of my narrow Faberge border fabric to use it here as these fabrics definately work with the border print. The next link to my wall hanging is the corner triangles as I received a fat quarter of the same background fabric in my pack.

I love this fabric of Ginny's called "Black Eyelash"
It was easy to add the side borders and continue the angle but somewhere in cutting my triangles,
 I mucked up big time - as you can see clearly from the bottom edge, and it is the same at the top.
 I have had to add angled fabric strips to square up my background.
I don't know what I did wrong as I used the center as my guide line for my cutting angle but once stitched it was so wrong - I don't have enough fabric to recut my triangles - it was only a fat quarter after all - and I really want to use it. I could change to the dark purple star fabric but that moves away from my wallhanging link.
I am telling myself by the time there is seam stitched it will be so insignificant in a cushion that only me, plus of course all who view my blog will be the only ones that know. LOL

Next problem, I pretty much guessed my  reduction to cushion size and my background border should have been wider and deeper. I am now at 23 1/4" square including seam allowance, I need a finished square of 24 " plus seam allowance for adding the binding so I need another narrow border fabric and then my binding fabric.

This is what is on my design wall now and I think it will work. I was only going to use one fabric for border and binding but soon realised I might not have enough of only one fabric to do both.
As you can see even my narrow border will have to be joined.
These are what I have left of the two deeper fabrics in the arrow heads as I call them, don't they look different from in the arrowheads, they are showing their true colours
The lighter fabric is a perfect match to the green in my border fabric and I so love the darker fabric I don't want to use it up !!

Just home from work and immediately had to see if I was going to be able to live with those add on strips so those were my first outer borders to be added.

They are visible with the camera flash, without it they are hard to see so I am thinking of quilting radiating lines out from the cental point to follow my unfortunate but necessary seam.

Closing now and linking to Esther's WOW

Cheers Everyone, Jenny


  1. Love the colors and your work is gorgeous

  2. You are so fast, Jenny! Lovely work, as usual.

  3. Fabulous piecing - and you are right, no one else will ever pick up the issue with the setting fabric! Its fun having to work around using smaller pieces of fabric sometimes, isn't it? Border choices look great!

  4. Beautiful, I love the colors and I don't see the mistakes. We are our own worst critic.

  5. Hi Jenny it looks so stunning what an impact it will have in the room. Many thanks for sharing so many photo's of your journey lots to learn from I did enjoy watching this piece of art grow, the photo's make this look like a very large wall hanging but when you say it is only 24" finished it makes you realise how tiny those pieced pieces are WOW what patience. Hugs Glenda

  6. Beautiful, what gorgeous colors and the sewing looks so neat.

  7. It just shines, what a beauty Jenny