Thursday, 19 February 2015

WOW or rather Thursday 19th Feb

Hi Everyone, thanks for dropping in.

Am totally loving Esther's 12 days of Christmas but progress has been slow.
With eight baubles finished and four to go decided it was time to finish my tree blocks and applique them to my background fabric.

I loved my background fabric when I bought it but have had second thoughts about it ever since.
An icy blue with silver metallic snowflakes - and as I am working with gold metallic's will it work?
With my mottled trunk in place I stitched the tree this morning and am happy, too much gold might just be an overkill. Am I going to be a purist and cut out my background fabric from behind my tree, possibly as am thinking of double padding the tree to push it forward.

Went shopping this morning for my batting, for wall hangings I prefer Flieslina H640 iron on and I want to add this now before I stitch the lower applique. I also wanted fabric's for the applique parcels.
Have been unsure about my border fabric as I want to make this slightly bigger than the pattern so it fits the rod where my Faberge quilt now hangs. Looking for parcel fabric I found this border fabric.

I love all the stockings but will it work?

Reduced to this width of border, I love it with my background and tree.
You can see my background fabric better here, I think it is the blue version of the red fabric that Esther used for her 12 Days of Christmas. I will need corner stone blocks to make this fabric work perfectly for my border. Esther your video on charm blocks could be just at the right time for me

I also found the perfect  fabric for my doves wings, just arrived in store and not unpacked yet, I chose the perfect day to go shopping!!! No photo's so that can wait till my next post as I have plenty of prep work to do now.
Linking now to Esther's WOW before I run out if time.
Cheer's everyone, Jenny

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  1. I have arrived at your fascinating blog by way of Esther Liu's patterns. I was searching some inspiration and WOW, I found it on your blog. I was sad when I reached this last post but just want to say i'll be watching for future peeks into your wonderful quilts. Your work is lovely. Thanks for the sharing. The construction is interesting too, Steve.