Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thursday in NZ

Hi Everyone, Back from Christchurch, had a wonderful time with Mum and it was so good to see her looking so well. Have to admit I felt a bit like a Yo Yo  with the end of the string tied to the rest home by the end of the week as I was visiting Mum everyday and most days twice, but spent nights with girlfriends and the catching up with them was fantastic.

Came home to find I have finally been Neoed. Thanks to it being later rather than early on I have found I can navigate around it, but have tried twice this morning to upload photo's and like Jane and others have found they do not appear even though they say they have posted, hence this quick blog as I want to get back to LE. and I also want to show the start of my corner.

I found a new inspiration fabric in ChCh.

Kashmir a Hoffman fabric
As soon as I saw it I had to have it, unfortunately they only had a meter left but it was reduced!!!
There are so many  shapes in this fabric I think it will work really well and have made a start.

I have decided to let my Heart  and imagination rule and I am loving every second of bringing this corner together. Broderie perse is the main element but I am also using some of Esther's wonderful design elements like the Lilies, in combination with my fussy cut fabric. There will be some unusual leaves to come and I think it will take on more of a Persian feel, but this is where broderie perse originated and I like the idea of that.
This is now my 4th vase in this corner, I started playing in ChCh and was using an unfamiliar iron so once again I melted my vase. I only have enough fabric for 1 more Lol
I stabilised the back and used a machine embroidery stitch for my stems, cutting away the stabiliser afterward's. The last stems I will stitch after my berries are sewn  as far less stopping and starting as I can use the stem line to travel between them, then cover my stitching with my stem thread.
back to my sewing room and hopefully soon we can post photo's again.

Cheer's Everyone, Jenny


  1. it is looking lovely! when I first got struck with neo it made it so I could not even get to the group - nothing no access at all.

  2. ooooh Jenny love it love it, the flowers look so fragile and the colors love it love it