Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Work on Wednesday 12th June

What have I been doing this week? Not a lot!!!!
Have had 3 days off and should have been busy quilting my retro FMN but have been so intrigued by Esther's new BOM for her group that I have spent most of my time on the computer researching the era, fabric's and of course the possible whereabouts of the quilt.-- what a WOW if I could find it.
Didn't know I was interested in genealogy  but this exercise was so fascinating I couldn't leave researching the Erith family alone.

Okay, I haven't found the quilt but I think Esther may get some news shortly.

For me I am now thinking fabrics ( and of course not quilting)
I love my brights, but I am thinking more Vibrant than in your face bright.
The dress Esther showed on her Blog sent me to my scrap drawer.

The antique gold silk skirt I cut up to make my bamboo wall hanging, this is what I left of the fabric.
certainly not the mustard gold of the dress

Still not quilted  but the fabric looks like gilt and maybe it will work for some applique details.

The quilting group I belong to know I work with many different fabrics and last week they gave me this curtain sample which had been given to them along with other Furnishing Fabric's. 
A  polyester/ nylon mix, it is one of several samples I received.

I am in love with it and it maybe my colour pallete for Love Entwined. Not these particular fabrics as taken apart I will only have an 8" square of each one, but once again highlights!!
I saw a range in town other day that has most of these colours in little prints so think I will go back and have another look, and the other fabric range I am thinking of is Fairy Frost which is in almost every shade.

Background, the hardest part, do I want neutral or colour.
Next week is my groups AGM in Dargaville  and there is a wonderful online shop that is based there.

On their website I found these fabrics.

This reminds of swatch three and four on my sample

This swatch two, I will look at them both next week but this is where my mind is going.
Cheers everyone, enjoy your week whatever you are doing.


  1. Fabrics look really interesting. I have no idea what I will do I have so much in my stash hope I find something appropriate.
    Hugs Bunny

  2. Hi Jenny I agree with you lots of things to learn and think about with this BOM. It has had me spending hours on the web searching too and it has been fascinating reading. I have also come across some wonderful blogs, I was thinking about taupe colours at first but the brights have drawn me again. LOL. Cheers Glenda

  3. I will be looking forward to seeing what your color pallet ends up being...this is going to be a great quilt to work on..