Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Work on Wednesday 12th Sept

My 10 days of holiday has rushed by and I am back to work on Friday.
Finished stripping wallpaper and have managed to get some weeds out of the garden on the few fine days we have had. Was a very wet July and August but seeing all the spring signs now.
Have not spent much time sewing - think I am saving myself for after the 15th!! but have completed another 2 kaleidoscope blocks and have the first two rows stitched together.

I laid all my bocks and centers out and decided which was going where so knew which order I needed to complete them in. What a happy surprise I got with the 2 rows completed.
The pattern I had looked at had used the inner cream triangle fabric for the outer borders, which did define the star points much better but was quite strong. I love the floral block that has appeared for me, and I am not a floral person.

Thankyou to those who have commented on my Mermaid Trilogy, they are still I think my favorites of everything I have done.
These next two photo's are my other applique's with People.

My Flamenco / Calypso Dancer is a free download leadlight panel that my DH found and showed  me which I just had to make, it now also hangs in our hallway.
Guess what, the mettalic fabric in her shawl is leftover from Dusk the Merman.
The vibrant green background leftovers made many of my leaves in Heart's Desire and the  border fabric all my heart flpwers.
Don't ever throw anything out!!
The background fabric I ironed onto 1/4 inch pellon batting so she is appliqued directly to the batting.
When I added the backing fabric the only quilting I did was to stitch around her and in the ditch around the borders, it didn't seem to need any more.

And for a totally different look.

This years Christmas present for Mum - Just hope she likes it.
It is one of the hundreds of embroidery transfers she gave me.
My DH has just finished mounting it over an art board so it will be easier to hang and size didn't increase with border and binding, as her room is not that large.
It is 24" x 16" and was batted and backed before mounting, again only edge stitching and applique detailing.
Background is a thermal backed drape fabric with a lovely texture and sheen, and for this was a good dense weight to work on as the leaves are all machine stitched from a basic programme stitch also all the branches from the trunk are machine stitched.

Have had a haircut this morning ready to go back to work, bought a new blade for my cutter, and some  Steam a Seam ready for Esther's new blocks on the 15th.

Enjoy your Wednesday


  1. Love your present to your mom. It looks really good.!

  2. Oh Jenny I do enjoy reading your blog, it's like reading one of my favourite mags, stimulation and motivating. Beautiful work. Cheers Glenda

  3. Your work is amazing Jenny! I always enjoy your blog

  4. that kaleidoscope is lovely Jenny, and your applique is fabulous!