Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Work on Wed 27th March

Haven't posted for a couple of weeks as every spare minute has been spent working on my Forget me Not quilts. Have posted so many photo's to the group that only one I am showing  here is my blue quilt top finished.

I love the layout Esther designed and it did make putting the top together so easy
But today I am not sewing!!!!
I was, but 4 lots of unpicking of the same part of my next sashing across bottom of my Retro quilt  has seen me say give it away for the day.
Has been my sunflower block frame, fabric is cotton polyester and it moves so easily. doesn't show in this photo but the stripe  is quite pronounced and it kept moving and was in my face every time, but finally I am happy. 
However I went and bought batting  ready to quilt and have now discovered I could have bought it cheaper elsewhere, plus I missed the courier delivering my new (second hand) mobile phone while I was out. so it's not my day.

Decided to clean  out the spare room wardrobe as still have lots of quilting bits in there.
I found this.

My first ever attempt at machine applique -a table runner - never finished - and no wonder, here is the closeup. I thought at the time I will never master this technique!!!

It just proves that you have to start somewhere, and practice is all it takes, but a good machine does help
This was an old borrowed machine in 2006 - and I broke it !!!
Next up was this unfinished piece.

Fantail on Pohutokawa
About 2009/10 when I started stitching then padding my applique before putting it on my background.
This might now get finished as I still have pattern for a Tui to match.

And delving deeper in the wardrobe, this I think is where my talent, if that is what it is, comes from.

A 36 x 36 luncheon cloth hand embroidered by my Aunt, Tatted edge by my grandmother.
They tried to teach me both skills - I was a D-  grade student LOL

My Aunt's unused dress fabric's are my sashings and borders  for Forget me Not so guess this is a tribute to her and her talent. My Mum still has the work which my Aunt won first prize for New Zealand  Hand Embroidery with c1960. Mine one day!!!

This is the reverse of her work, and I think awesome describes it best.

My Grandmother also embroidered, but she also painted. Some originals but loved mainly coloring the black and white photo's of the day. I found this treasure in the wardrobe as well. A Damask linen tablecloth which she has hand painted the border of..
Well I can't hold a needle to handstitch  but I hope they both are happy with how I am finally able to follow their footsteps, They must have laughed secretly at my embroidery attempts.
Cheers everyone, Jenny

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Late Post for WOW 6th March

Thursday here but think Esther's link might still be open, hope so anyway.
Has been a busy week as Steve kept bringing me produce from the garden so have been making pickles  and relishes so it doesn't go to waste.

Not a huge quantity as I use a hot pot not a preserving pan, but there is only the 2 of us and we've already given some away.
My crowning glory was my first attempt at Grape Jelly from green grapes. After I had mushed and boiled them and let them strain overnight I had this horrible grey/green cloudy juice and thought throw it out, we can never eat that, but I carried on and WOW

Beautifully clear, apart from the lemon zest I couldn't resist adding, not in the recipe only lemon juice and such a pretty golden colour. There was lots of scum that I diligently skimmed and it has set beautifully and tastes delicious!!!

Have finished my Pomegranate quilt top, need my next days off to quilt it and add beads to the open flower center. Had just enough fabric to cut all my leaves as each half  had to be cut from opposing swirls in the fabric.

And yesterday and today has been Esther's miniature wall hanging Easter Blessings.
It is a lovely pattern, thanks so much Esther.
I was going to enlarge the pattern but then thought I have never made a miniature so why not start now.

The heart's are the first applique as I got so carried away with my leaf stitch I also used it for my buds, but double stitched them, out and then back which has made them nice and plump, couldn't resist adding extra petals to the bottom left as so much fun. Then experimented and reduced my stitch width and stitched 6 slightly overlapping petals for my flowers.
The details of this leaf stitch are under my photo on Esther's Yahoo BOM group.

Finally, much to my delight my prize for Heart's Desire turned up in the mail on Tuesday.
4 fat quarters of handdyed fabric from pale blue to purple.

Thanks so much Michele at they are lovely.

That's it for this week time to go back to Easter Blessings.
Cheer's Everyone